Saturday, May 23, 2009

University of Otago International Masters Award - New Zealand

Code: OUI
Closing Date: 1 Nov
Value: An emolument of $13,000 plus tuition fees at the International student level and costs incurred in the production of two hard bound theses.
Tenure: Tenure is for one year, or until the thesis is submitted, whichever period is the shorter.
Categories: Masters
Location: New Zealand

Summary: This Award is offered by the University of Otago for Masters thesis study in any subject.

Comments: Postgraduate Awards are awarded by the University Council, on the recommendation of the Senate, to International candidates in the first year of their thesis research for a Master's degree.

Tenure of a Postgraduate Award by a Master's degree student is for one year, or until the thesis is submitted, (whichever period is the shorter.) Students must be in the first year of their thesis research to be eligible for an Award. A shorter period of tenure shall be awarded in cases where four months or more of registration as a candidate for the degree have already been completed at the time of the award. Overseas tenure of a Postgraduate Award is not permitted.

Eligibility Information: Postgraduate Awards are available only to students seeking to obtain their first Masters qualification. The University of Otago International Postgraduate Awards are open to students from all countries, with the exception of Australia, France and Germany (who are eligible for the Domestic Scholarships and Awards). Confirmation of the Award is dependent on approval of the application to register as a Masters' candidate and completion of the enrolment procedure.


Relevant University Regulation: This scholarship is governed by the University of Otago Regulations and Notes for Postgraduate Scholarships and Awards

Application Information: Applications are made on the University of Otago Postgraduate Scholarships and Awards application form.