Monday, March 17, 2008

Australian Government Scholarships


Australian Scholarships is an initiative of the Australian Government to promote education cooperation and development in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the five years from 1 July 2006, Australian Scholarships will more than double the number of education awards offered for the region. The awards will be granted to more than 19,000 people for study and research in Australia. It has been said that the scholarships continue the spirit of the Colombo Plan.
Australian Government Scholarships - An Overview
It was announced on the 26 April 2006 that Australia will double the number of educational scholarships it offers in the Asia-Pacific region. The new program, will be called Australian Scholarships, and will provide nearly $1.4 billion in funding over five years for more than 19,000 scholarships. (Note tables below) The program was announced as part of the White Pager on Australia’s overseas aid program Australian Aid: Promoting Growth and Stability.
The program reflect the geographic focus of Australia’s aid program and include 51 countries extending from Turkey and Jordan in the west, across Japan in the east and through to Pacific.
The initiative brings together
Australian Development Scholarships (ADS), managed by Australia’s international aid agency, AusAID Endeavour scholarships, administered by the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) which will target future leaders in the region for advanced study, a new program managed by AusAid. The Australian Partnership Scholarships (APS) and the Australian Centre of International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Scholarship Scheme will continue to be managed by AusAID. In addition, there are two new types of scholarships managed by AusAID– Australian Regional Development Scholarships specifically for students from Pacific Islands and Carnegie Mellon University-AusAID Scholarships (only for students attending Carnegie Mellon University).
In addition to the Australian Scholarship program, DEST has also increased the amount of funding to support Australian students to travel aboard not only under student exchange arrangements but to also undertake research.
The Australian Scholarship Program is going to be supported by a biennial meeting of Asia-Pacific Education Ministers and by the development of strong in-country alumni networks by the Australian Government. The first meeting was held in Brisbane as part of the AEI conference in March 2006.