Monday, March 24, 2008

Postgraduate scholarships for international students - University of Westminster (UK)

Scholarships on this page have been divided into the following categories:

Full scholarships ie scholarships which cover fees, accommodation,
living expense and flights .
Full fee waivers

Partial fee waivers

PhD scholarships

Other University of
Westminster scholarships

Study abroad scholarships

External scholarships

Please read the details of the individual scholarships carefully to ascertain whether you're eligible for the scholarship. Applications sent in for scholarships you're not eligible for will not be considered. You can apply for more than one scholarship on the same form. Alternatively, you could simply tell us what level of funding you require, and we could match the appropriate scholarship to you. Please only do this if you're eligible for more than one scholarship.

The deadline for all postgraduate scholarship applications is 31 May 2008, unless otherwise stated.

Application form - for postgraduate applicants

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